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Network Issues

Canal Zone Transmitter Maintenance (Resolved)

Affecting System - Canal Zone Transmitter | Priority - High

PaNETma will be connecting a new custom designed electrical regulation component to the transmitter serving most of the Canal Zone and parts of El Dorado.
This addition will require turning off the transmitter for approximately 10 minutes on Sunday Monday. Once completed, this upgrade is expected to improve the reliability of the system to above 99.9%.
Date - 23/03/2009 09:00 - 25/03/2009 00:17
Last Updated - 23/03/2009 03:42

Maintenance Window - Sunday, March 22nd (Resolved)

Affecting System - PaNETma Network Core | Priority - High

PaNETma, together with our partners, are developing some changes in our core network in order to further increase performance and reliability. One of these steps includes the relocation of a core router and maintenance activity is planned for next Sunday 22th between the hours of midnight and 3 AM local time.

A maintenance window has been established during the lowest traffic period for this activity to be conducted.
Please note that during this process your services could be impacted for a period of approximately 30 minutes.

Date - 22/03/2009 00:01 - 22/03/2009 03:54
Last Updated - 16/03/2009 22:05

Sunday (March 14) Outage in the Canal Zone (Resolved)

Affecting System - Canal Zone Transmitter | Priority - High

The transmitter serving the Canal Zone crashed at 10:32:09. It was rebooted and returned to service just under an hour later at 11:26:47. This puts the March uptime for this transmitter at 99.8% and within acceptable parameters.

Date - 14/03/2009 10:32 - 14/03/2009 11:26
Last Updated - 14/03/2009 12:44

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