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Why does my connection feel slow? What does being at 100% utilization mean?

Our Internet connection service is typically priced based on the speed of the connection. The meaning of the word “speed” is different depending on the context. For example, the speed of a car is measured in kilometers per hour while the speed of water flowing in a pipe is measured in liters per hour.

Internet connection speed is typically defined as Mbps or Megabits-per-second. A “megabit” is a quantity of data (much like “liter” is a quantity of liquid and “kg” is a quantity of mass). If you have a 10 Mbps connection from PaNETma, it means that you can transfer 10 Megabits of data every second of every minute of every hour of every day. We typically do not limit how much data you can transfer in total per month (or per week or per day or per hour …) but the amount of data that you can transfer per second is determined by the monthly cost that you pay.

The Mbps limit is for your entire account. The limit is not per device nor per person nor per room nor per application.

If you have a 10 Mbps residential account and somebody else in your household is currently using 9 Mbps then the amount of connectivity which is available to you is 1 Mbps. Therefore, your connection will appear slow despite the fact that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

The same logic also applies when one person is using multiple devices and even when one person is using multiple applications on the same device.

If you want to have more bandwidth available for a specific purpose then the solution is to upgrade to a higher capacity connection or reduce the bandwidth which is being used for other purposes.

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