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Article Can I use my Wi-Fi router? How about Mac? Linux? Android? iOS?
Yes. Anything that has an Ethernet port or WiFi will work on the PaNETma network.
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Article Do Skype, magicJack, Vonage and other VOIP services work?
Yes. All common residential and commercial VoIP services/applications, including the above, work...
Views: 4284
Article Do you block SMTP or any other ports?
No. We do not block SMTP (port 25) or any other ports unless we detect network abuse or attack.
Views: 3938
Article Is performance affected by weather conditions?
In short, no. Precipitation such as rain, fog, hail and snow has no direct impact on the speed or...
Views: 3963
Article May I host a server on a residential connection?
You are permitted to host a server, including file servers, on a residential connection only with...
Views: 3653
Article What connection speed do I need?
The speed that you need depends on how you want to use your Internet connection.For example,...
Views: 3240
Article What is PaNETma's Fair Usage Policy?
To ensure all our customers enjoy an optimal Internet experience on our network, we have a Fair...
Views: 4298
Article What is the difference between Mbps and Megas?
Our Internet connection service is typically priced based on the speed of the connection. The...
Views: 1483
Article What is the ping or latency?
The round trip time between most points on the PaNETma network and Miami is less than 46 ms. One...
Views: 4353
Article Why does my connection feel slow? What does being at 100% utilization mean?
Our Internet connection service is typically priced based on the speed of the connection. The...
Views: 1993
Article Why does the speed test website show a lower speed than I expect?
Every speed test website, without exception, measures your unused speed, not your total speed. In...
Views: 2074
Article A third-party TV service is not working properly. What should I do?
If a third-party Internet TV or video service is not working properly, you must first determine...
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