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A third-party TV service is not working properly. What should I do?

If a third-party Internet TV or video service is not working properly, you must first determine if the problem is with the third-party service or elsewhere. Please follow this step by step guide.

  1. Stop all downloads and all video streams which are active on your Internet connection
  2. Open a legitimate video streaming service, like Netflix or Amazon video on the same device on which you had difficulty. If you do not have a subscription to either, then open YouTube.
  3. Try watching the legitimate well-known video service for a few minutes

If the legal well-known video streaming service is working properly without any interruptions at the expected image and sound quality, then the problem is with your third-party Internet TV service. At this point, you can choose to contact your IPTV vendor and ask them to resolve the problem with their service. If you are using a black market service, be prepared for them to blame you or your equipment or your Internet connection but remember: the legitimate video streaming service is working properly, so there is nothing wrong with your connection or equipment.

On the other hand, if you are having difficulty watching Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, or another legitimate online streaming service then you may have a problem with your router, local network, or playback device. You can contact us for assistance troubleshooting.

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