What is the SLA and Uptime Guarantee? Print

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All customers can generally expect better than 99.9% monthly uptime on Internet connections on and 100% monthly uptime on private connections. PaNETma guarantees 99.9% monthly uptime on enterprise services and 99% uptime on small business/home office connections.
Should we fail to provide this level of reliability in any month, we will issue, upon customer request, a credit equal to three times the length of the outage.
The customer must make a claim, via support ticket, within 90 days of any event in question and specify the start and end time of any event for which credit is being requested.

Any failures which are caused by lightning strikes and/or electrostatic discharge are excluded from this guarantee.

If you have a business connection with a service fee of $250/month and it goes out for 4 hours then you are entitled to a service credit of $4.17.

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