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Where is the PaNETma Cash Payment Center Located?

If you want to pay by cash, the PaNETma Payment Center is at the North West corner of the intersection of Via Argentina and Av. 4A Norte. It has a sign which reads M@CARTUR and a PaNETma label on the glass door. There is also a Western Union logo.

If you are coming from Via Espana, it is on the right side, 500 meters after the park. If you enter Via Argentina from Av. Manuel Esponisa, it is 200 meters on your left. If taking a taxi, simply ask for "Happy Copy" on Via Argentina, the M@CARTUR Internet café, our payment center, is right next door.

It is preferred that you print out and bring your invoice with you. Cash ONLY. Business hours are 9 AM to 7 PM Monday-Friday and 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday. Closed Sundays.
If you want to pay by check, please see paying by check.

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